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Cohana Sewing Tools - Handmade by Artisans in Japan

Posted by Joy Nordvik on

When I first started Sewing Kit Supply in 2020, I was determined to source beautiful, quality tools to make your sewing experience as positive and joyful as possible. So naturally, I was very excited when I discovered Cohana's line of sewing tools. They provided the exact style and quality of items I wanted to be featured in my shop!

Each item has been handmade in Japan by artisans, making each item truly special and unique.

The name Cohana is derived from the diety “Konohanasakuyahime” in Japanese mythology. She is as beautiful as a blooming cherry blossom tree, and worshipped as a guardian deity of Mount Fuji, which symbolizes Japan.

Cohana seeks to produce high-quality handmade tools with a focus on local Japanese industries and crafts. They focus on connecting traditional skills handed down from previous generations and bring them into the future, revitalizing production areas at the same time. They have collaborated with approximately 70 local industries across Japan.

Each item tells a story of Japanese culture and history. For example, the Meboso needles have been manufactured in Kanazawa for over 430 years. Seamstresses in the city's booming textile industry traditionally carried their needles around in hand-sewn bags or pendant-style containers for safe keeping. So Cohana created a special container for these needles inspired by those seamstresses.

And they don't stop there! The paper case was created by a local paper tube manufacturer specializing in paper bobbins for yarn.

Finally, they've collaborated with a yarn manufacturer in Kanagawa, the birthplace of twisted silk, to create a beautiful silk tassel to adorn the needle container.

Here are my top 3 favourite items from Cohana.

1. These Flower Parquet Pins remind me of parquet floors in our house growing up - but so much more beautiful!

2. These Seki Mini Scissors are definitely in the running for then world's smallest scissors. But don't underestimate them!

3. Lastly, I absolutely love the embossed leather on these retractable tape measures

If you're inspired by the beauty of these handmade products, shop the Cohana collection to elevate your sewing experience!

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