Mettler SERAFLEX Elastic Sewing Thread #2000 White

Mettler SERAFLEX Elastic Sewing Thread #2000 White

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  •  Highly elastic and versatile: perfect thread for all stretch fabrics.

  • Made with 100% PTT, which allows the sewing thread to stretch up to 65%.

  • Use with your sewing machine to create extremely stretchable straight stitches.

  • SERAFLEX achieves a sewing elasticity that is twice as high as that of conventional sewing threads.

  • Useful for sewing activewear, outdoorwear, lingerie, underwear, and many more garments.

  • Oeko-Tex certified

  • Length: 130m/142yd

  • Recommended Needle Size: 70-80 (10-12)

  • Instructions:

    • Use as both needle and bobbin thread.

    • Set your thread tension as loose as possible for full elasticity. The bobbin thread should also be wound with as little thread tension as possible to prevent the thread from stretching beforehand.

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