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Iida Mizuhiki Sewing Pins: Various Colors - 3 pcs

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  •  Set of 3 pins with a Mizuhiki decoration called Awaji-dama on top.

  • Mizuhiki is a decorative paper cord created by twisting Washi paper and hardening with glue coating.

  • Available in 4 colors. Each set features a calm dark color, a bright light color, and a sparkling white color with glitter. Add a touch of glamour to your sewing toolbox.

  • Durable steel and nickel pins that pierce fabric with ease.

  • Since they are handmade, there are slight differences in size and pattern.

  • The Mizuhiki top is made of paper so fading, discoloration, and deformation may occur due to water, friction, humidity, and ultraviolet rays.

  • The pin top is sensitive to heat, so please be careful not to expose it to heat such as from an iron, as this may cause damage.

  • Pins are 40mm (1 5/8") long.

  • Handmade by artisans in Japan.

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